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So here's another of those pesky 'I've Also Got A Band' posts...

Because, yep, I’ve also got a band. 

And we recently recorded two songs I’m ridiculously proud of.

Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt sincerely pleased with a Kelps recording. 

I’d really love it if any of you would like to take a few minutes and listen to me holler about a girl I once knew. 

Last night I had the immense pleasure of sharing a stage with some of my favorite people and put on (what I feel, anyway) was the best Kelps show we’ve ever done. It was the most fun I have ever had performing. 

Here’s a video of the opening number, I hope you might like it. 

Not that I want to pester you kind folk with this sort of thing too often, but here’s a video I made for that song I shared earlier.

In case anyone wondered what the hell I was rambling about.